Friday, 24 October 2014

Flash Fiction Friday: Why can't I see what they can?

Why can't I see what they can?

Sitting before the dressing table mirror with tears forming in my eyes and my corset still unfastened, the swell of my ample breasts visible, I opened my small battered compact and stared at the much smaller reflection of myself, the reflection I still preferred.
Even though I had been called beautiful, sexy, gorgeous and all the positive things a woman loves to hear I still couldn't understand why people used those words to describe me, because all I could see was the man I used to be, not the woman I had sacrificed so much to become.


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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday Tease; Double trouble

Double trouble

Having met identical twins Madison and Mckenzie in one of the town's clubs, and having more than a few drinks with them, they had insisted I walked them home. Knowing what the streets were like I agreed and, as they slipped their arms in to mine, I let them lead me through town until we finally came to a stop outside what I guessed must be their home.
Grabbing my arms they led me to the front door, before Madison opened it. Turning to me they smiled, before quickly dragging me over the threshold. Leading me in to the front room Mckenzie went and filled three glasses before coming back, and handing one each to Madison and me.
As soon as the glasses were empty Madison put some music on and, after pushing me on to one of the chairs, the two of them began to strip seductively. Once they were both naked they turned their attention to me. After quickly relieving me of my clothes they dropped to their knees, between my legs. Leaning back I closed my eyes, as the twins took turns licking and sucking my hardness, until I suddenly felt a sharp pain on either side of my shaft.
Lifting my head I looked at the twins, saw the fangs protruding from beneath their lips, and glanced down to see a small bite mark, either side of my hardness.


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Friday, 17 October 2014

Flash Fiction Friday: The best friends in the world

The best friends in the world

After being led, blindfolded, for what seemed like hours I was finally told to stop.
“Hope you're ready for this.”
“Get this damn blindfold off me,” I responded.
Suddenly my wish was granted, and I found myself standing at the entrance to the city's adult quarter, surrounded by nightclubs, neon lighting and scantily dressed people.
“Happy Birthday, mate,” all my friends shouted, one of them stuffing a wad of notes in to my hand, “and if you can't find the transsexual of your dreams around here you never will.”


Thursday, 16 October 2014

Transsexual Thursday: My perfect bride

My Perfect Bride

As we waltzed around the bed, our day having gone absolutely perfectly, I stared into Terri's eyes and smiled.
“So how does it feel, babe?” I asked, as I spun her around effortlessly.
“How does what feel?”
“To be Mrs. Williams.”
“It's going to be strange, but I'll get used to it,” Terri replied, leaning forward and placing her lips against mine, fleetingly.
Sliding my hand down her back I let it come to rest on her perfect ass, and gave it a little squeeze.
“I couldn't believe it when he said I now pronounce you husband and wife,” I told her, leaning in and kissing her back.
“I know what you mean, it sent shivers down my spine as well,” Terri replied.
“Mr and Mrs Williams,” I whispered, before dropping my hand a little further, and scooping her off her feet.
“What are you doing?” Terri gasped, as I turned to the bed and placed her down gently.
Instead of answering her I placed my hands on her corset and pulled it down, over her full, firm, breasts, lowered my head and flicked my tongue across her rapidly hardening nipples.
Terri gasped, and squirmed, under my touch, lifting her breasts to my mouth. As she did I slowly ran my hand down over her stomach, stopping when I finally reached her crotch. As I continued to suck and lick each nipple in turn Terri lifted her ass and slowly pulled her wedding dress up, just far enough for me to get my hand underneath.
Slowly I ran my fingers over her lace stockings and up her thigh, Terri moaning softly as I did, until I felt the lace of her panties. Running my over her crotch slowly I eventually slipped my fingers in to the top of her panties, before wrapping my hand around her thick, hard, cock.


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Wicked Wednesday: Staying late at the office

Staying late at the office

I'd just finished logging off my PC for the day, and was about to leave the office, when the phone on my desk started to ring. Glancing at the clock, then the phone, I was in two minds whether to answer it.
For a few seconds I stood, undecided, before grabbing the receiver and lifting it to my ear.
“Thought you'd gone.”
“No, not quite,” I replied, as I heard the deep tones of my boss, Xavier.
“Good, because I need you before you go.”
Before I had a chance to reply the phone went dead so I put the receiver back and headed toward Xavier's office, with no clue what he could possibly need me for. Knocking on his door I gripped the handle and turned it.
Stepping in to his office, for the first time since the day he interviewed me, I saw nothing had changed.
“You wanted to see me?”
“No, I said I need you,” Xavier replied, correcting me and stepping forward.
Before I had a chance to say a word Xavier smiled, and reached forward. Pulling me close I caught the aroma of his aftershave and, surprisingly, felt my cock twitch in my trousers.
“I've known since the day you started here this moment would come,” Xavier whispered in to my ear.
“How did you know?” I asked. “I've kept my sexuality to myself, no-one here knows I'm gay.”
“I've seen the way you stare at me when I come in to the main office, the flush of your cheeks whenever I've stood close to you,” Xavier continued.
Stunned I just stood there as Xavier pushed his tongue passed my lips, his tongue circling around mine, before finally responding to his kiss passionately. As we stood there, our tongues in each others mouths, I felt one of Xavier's hands grip my hardness, and start massaging my shaft through my trousers.
“Fuck I've wanted to get you alone for so fucking long,” Xavier gasped, as he pulled his lips from mine.
Releasing his grip on my hardness Xavier lifted his hands, loosened my tie and started to fumble with my shirt buttons. After a couple of minutes struggling, thanks to his trembling hands, he finally had my shirt undone and my muscular torso exposed. Running his hands over my sculptured pectoral muscles Xavier pinched each of my nipples, causing me to gasp loudly, before suddenly dropping to his knees in front of me, his hands travelling slowly down my body.
Looking down I watched as Xavier's, still trembling hands, somehow managed to undo my belt and trousers before hurriedly pulling them, and my boxers, down just over my ass. As he did my hard cock sprang free and almost smacked him in the face, causing me to smile.
Glancing up at, for a second, Xavier wrapped one of his hands around my shaft and began to stroke me slowly. As he did I closed my eyes and gasped in surprise, as I felt the wet tip of his tongue flicking back and forth across the swollen head of my cock.
Needing to watch him I re-opened my eyes and looked down, just in time to see Xavier open his mouth and start to take every inch of my hard shaft into his warm mouth, until he almost choked as I hit the back of his throat. Closing his lips around me he pulled his head back a little, gripped the base of my shaft and began to suck my cock greedily. After a few minutes, during which I almost came a number of times, I knew I couldn't hold back any longer.
Reaching forward I placed my hands on the side of Xavier's head and began bucking my hips, each thrust driving my cock to the back of his throat. until I felt my balls tighten in their sac and my legs start to buckle.
“Fuck, that's it,” I managed to gasp, breathlessly. “I'm going to fucking come.”
Hearing me utter those words Xavier released my cock, gripped my ass and pulled my as far forward as possible, just as I felt my hard shaft start to twitch. Holding Xavier's head tightly, and with my legs trembling uncontrollably, I felt the first stream of my seed explode from the end of my cock.
Expecting Xavier to choke on the amount of come I was shooting in to his mouth I was surprised when he continued to greedily suck my cock, swallowing every single drop, until I was completely drained.
Once Xavier was satisfied he had sucked me dry he, reluctantly, pulled his mouth away from my shaft. Running his tongue all over the swollen head of my swollen head, making sure he hadn't missed a single drop, Xavier finally stood up.
Gripping the back of his neck I placed my mouth against his, and tasted the slightly salty taste of my seed on his lips, before pulling away.
“Hopefully there will be a lot more overtime to come,” I whispered, as I reached down and massaged his hard shaft.
“Well I could use a hand tomorrow night,” Xavier responded, with a smile.