Friday, 26 September 2014

Flash Fiction Friday: Arrival

As it's Friday I'm flashing, with a little sci-fi for a change


Staring into the night sky I watched as the strange light, which had just been hovering for about an hour, crash down in to a field less than a couple of miles away. Stunned I ran from the house, in just jeans and Stetson, jumped on the nearest stallion and rode as fast as I could towards the crash site expecting to find a small aircraft, and possibly casualties in desperate need of help
What I didn't expect to find was the strange cylindrical object, glowing with a strange purple aura, half embedded in the earth and surrounded by virtually naked figures.


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser: Our first date ( A tale from beyond the grave)

As it's Tuesday I guess it's time for another tease. This week though I have struggled a little but, luckily for me, one of the poor unfortunate souls deep within The Crypt regaled me with this tale to chill your blood.

Of course once you have read my tease the Dark Souls will be most disappointed if you don't go to the following link and see what all my mortal friends have for you this week, and disappointed Dark Souls are not something you want to see.

Our first date ( A tale from beyond the grave)

As I walked through the cemetery with the sun slowly staring to go down, and the shadows becoming longer, I saw her sitting on the very same polished marble slab I first laid my eyes on her, and where I became instantly intoxicated by her pale beauty.
Looking just as stunning as always in her sleeveless, Gothic mini dress and knee high boots, with five inch stiletto heels, I walked as quietly as I could and tried to creep up on her. Sabine though seemed to have a sixth sense and, before I was within six feet of her, she turned her head, smiled in my direction and stood up.
“So glad you came,” Sabine said. “It's been so long since I had an actual date.”
“I can't see why, you really are very beautiful,” I replied, turning on the charm.
Not that I didn't mean it, because I did, but because I also knew a little flattery was always appreciated.
“So what do you want to so, Sabine?”
“I'm sure we could think of something,” Sabine whispered, with a smile, before leaning forward, sinking her teeth into my neck and slowly draining every drop of blood from my body.


Friday, 19 September 2014

Flash Fiction Friday: Together, at last

Together, at last

As the water cascaded down, over our bodies, I gripped Lexy and pulled her as close as possible. Tilting my head to the side I leant forward, placed my lips against hers and slowly ran my hands over her beautiful breasts and soft stomach.
Please, babe, don't stop,” she whispered, as I let my hand linger for a few seconds. “I've been waiting so long for this.”
So have I,” I whispered seductively before moving my hand a little lower.
Moaning softly Lexy threw her head back, and gasped, as I wrapped my fingers gently around her hard cock.


Thursday, 18 September 2014

Thursday Taster: Remembering Katie

I'm back with another Thursday Taster, a taster of hopefully what will become my first f/f story. Comments will be especially appreciated as f/f is something I have only dabbled with and I want to make sure I don't fuck it up.
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Thank you.

Remembering Katie

As the first rays of sun caressed Summer's body she stretched, and began to slowly wake. Opening her eyes she turned her head, and stared at the empty space next to her. Reaching across Summer smoothed her hand over the cold sheet, before turning her head away and stared at the window.
Summer hated waking up alone yet refused to allow anyone to sleep next to her, and had ever since the only person she had ever really loved, Katie, had left for the city. The two of them were supposed be going together but never having gone further than the small town, a few miles from the village where she lived, Summer had got cold feet at the last minute. Now every morning when she woke she would stare at the empty space, think of Katie and dream of what could have been.
Together the two of them had been the perfect couple, hardly ever apart and even the narrow minded villagers who, at first, shunned the pair of them as they walked around like any other couple grew to admire them, as they refused to buckle to the pressure of their parents to find nice boys and settle down, as they put it.
Summer closed her eyes, pictured Katie next to her and felt a warmth coursing through her body, a warmth which sent tingles of electricity to her nipples, hardening them instantly, before continuing down through her stomach and coming to a stop between her legs.
Slipping her hand in to the top of her white, cotton, panties Summer stretched to her full length and began to rub her swollen lips. Moaning Katie's name as she flicked her erect clitoris the feelings only Katie had ever caused her to feel surged through her body and, as her orgasm began to take hold, a lone tear fell from her eyes. It was then Summer finally realized that to be happy she had to bite the bullet, and head for the city.


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser: Katie's Homecoming

It's Tuesday and that can only mean I am being a naughty little tease once again. Hopefully you will enjoy my offering and then take your time to visit all my friends, at the following link, and see what wonderful teases they have for you this week.

Katie's homecoming

As Summer stared down in to Katie's eyes she slowly unbuttoned her blouse, releasing her gorgeous large breasts, before lowering her head and kissing her. Katie lifted her hand and caressed Summer's pert breasts as the two of them continued to kiss passionately before Summer pulled away.
Straddling Katie's body Summer slid down, lowered her head and began flicking her tongue over her lover's erect nipples, occasionally nipping them gently and causing Katie to gasp softly.
“I've missed you so much, baby,” Katie moaned, as Summer lifted her head and eased Katie's top off completely.
“I've missed you as well,” Summer replied. “Ever since you left this damn village I have lived for the day you returned.”
“Well, trust me, I am never leaving you again.”
Reaching forward Katie gripped Summer, pulled her head down and kissed her again, slipping her hand between their bodies and fumbling with Summer's jeans, until she finally got them undone.
Raising to her knees Summer slid her jeans down over her hips and as she did Katie smiled, as she saw Summer still refused to wear panties, before reaching forward and running the tips of her fingers lightly along Summer's shaved pussy.