Friday, 18 April 2014

Flash Fiction Friday: Re-enactment Weekend

Re-enactment weekend

I know re-enacting scenes was how we spent the weekends but if It had been my choice to pick a scene from the Spartacus TV show we would have been sweating, not because we were trudging up this fucking hill, dressed as fucking Roman slaves, in one hundred degree heat but because we'd spent the afternoon training, in readiness for the games of the arena, then heading back to where we were held captive and sucking and fucking until none of us had any more to give, before we collapsed in a tangled mass of nakedness, sweat and the stench of sex.


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser: The Mirror

It's Tuesday and that m means it's time for me to tease and tantalize you with one image and 200 words. Hopefully you enjoy my offering and follow the accompanying link to see what all my other wonderful friends have for you this week.

Thank You

The Mirror

I found the mirror when I was cleaning out the attic not long after moving in and, at first, didn't think anything of it. To be honest I was surprised it was in such good condition, considering it had been buried under piles of boxes and old clothes. The frame seemed to be perfect, with no scuffs or scratches, which I could see in the darkness and the glass looked to be immaculate.
Carefully I took it down to my bedroom and placed it at the foot of my bed, before running my fingers along the dusty edges of the finally crafted wood. Unfortunately the frame wasn't as perfect as I thought, and I caught my finger on a jagged splinter sticking out of the back.
As I snatched my hand away a drop of blood fell on to the face of the mirror, yet before I could get a cloth to clean it off the blood vanished before my eyes. Stunned I moved my face toward the glass, and suddenly got the feeling I was being watched.
Unable to avert my gaze the urge to strip out of my clothes suddenly became overwhelming and I quickly found myself staring at my naked form, my hand wrapped lightly around my hard shaft.


Saturday, 12 April 2014

Saturdays AfterDark Moments: Surprise Intruder

Surprise Intruder

As I walked into the bathroom,naked, for a bath I found myself staring down at some woman I had never seen before in my life asleep on the edge of my oval bath. Grabbing one of the towels from the bath-rail I quickly wrapped it around my waist and, unsure who she was or how she had come to be in my bathroom, I stood there for a few seconds just staring.
Her long red hair hung down the side of the bath, her dress was sodden and filthy, her bare arms were absolutely caked in mud and her make up was badly smudged and looked just as it would if she had been crying uncontrollably.
Stepping forward I placed two fingers against her neck and was relieved when I felt a fairly strong pulse, at least she wasn't dead. As I wondered whether to try and wake her or phone the police a sudden gust of cold air whipped around my back and I spun around, the bathroom window was open. Well at least I know how she got in.
Deciding that calling the police was the only logical step I began to back out of the bathroom, before realizing that trying to explain to the cops about the unconscious, filthy, bedraggled woman that I didn't know, in my bathroom, would look pretty suspicious I changed my mind.
Lightly I placed my hand on her shoulder, shook her gently and then stepped back as she moaned and her eyes began to flicker open.
Please don't hurt me,” she whimpered as she saw me standing over her. “I'm sorry but your window was open and it was either climb in or...”
Hey just calm down, no-one is going to hurt you.” I told her, taking a couple of steps back, “but who the fuck are you?”
T-T-Tara and t-t-that's what h-h-he said, just before he t-t-tried ripping my dress off and c-c-c-calling me all the evil names he could.”
That's what who said?”
Him, t-t-the reason why I'm in y-y-your bathroom.”
Well who was he? Do you know his name? We should call the police.”
N-No, no p-p-police they will be no h-h-help.”
Of course they will.”
No they w-w-won't they never h-h-have been.”
Has this happened before then?”
Yes, a f-f-few times.”
Tara slowly started to calm down, her stammering easing and she went to sit up but as she did her breasts fell from her ripped top. Quickly she crossed her arms, hiding the most perfect pair of tits I had ever seen, before lifting her knees and perching precariously on the edge of the bath tub.
To hide her embarrassment, as well as my rapidly hardening cock, I turned my back on her.
Look Tara I was going to have a bath but you need one more than I do,” I told her beginning to walk out of the bathroom. “You fill the tub and have a bath and I shall find you something to wear.”
Are you s-sure mister?”
Wouldn't have said it if I wasn't and the name's Jeff by the way.”
Before Tara could say another word I walked out of the bathroom, back to my bedroom and dug out an old pair of joggers and t-shirt, both of which would probably be miles too big for her before heading to the kitchen.
Flicking the kettle on I sat at the breakfast bar and wondered who had attacked her and, more to the point, why. I figured that she would be a real stunner when she was all cleaned up and the dress she had been wearing didn't look cheap. Maybe she'll talk more once she's freshened up.
I made my coffee and had almost finished it when Tara suddenly called from the bathroom.
Have you got a towel and those clothes you said you'd look for Jeff?”
Sure hang on.”
Putting my cup down I went and got the clothes I had found, as well as a fresh towel, before walking towards the bathroom. Noticing the door was slightly ajar I tapped, to let her know I was there and to cover up but as I did the door opened a little too much.
Before I could avert my eyes I saw Tara climbing out of the bath and stood transfixed not to mention in a state of shock because, not only did she look as stunning as I thought she would once she was cleaned up, she also had one of the best looking cocks I had ever seen.


Friday, 11 April 2014

Flash Fiction Friday: The perfect couple

It's that time of the week once again, when I give you a little flash...of fiction using just one image and one hundred words only. I hope you enjoy this week's flash and once you are finished, you take the time to visit all my wonderful flashing friends by following this link

Thank you and enjoy

The perfect couple

I held Sandi tightly, my hardness buried deep inside her, as she threw her head back. Lowering my head I kissed her stomach lightly, as she bucked her hips, before closing my eyes and savouring the slightly salty taste of her sweat-soaked skin.
As Sandi continued to grind on my hardness I bent my head to kiss her once more before glancing down, and seeing the glistening head of her own cock. Pre-cum seeped from the slit in the end of her shaft and, as her hardness pressed against my stomach, I knew we were the perfect couple.


Thursday, 10 April 2014

Transsexual Thursday Fiction: Consummating our love

It's the return of Transsexual Thursday, only the return comes with a change. Now, instead of the images of beautiful Transsexuals I used to bring you, there will be just one image and little piece of erotica to go with it.

Consummating our love

Kim pushed her hard cock deeper and deeper in to my ass slowly, as I gripped her thigh and winced. With every inch of her thickness buried deep inside me, and her swollen balls resting against my ass, Kim began to thrust slowly. Every time she was as deep in me as she could get Kim paused, to make sure I was okay and wanted to carry on.
It was my first time and, although it had hurt a little when she had forced the thick head of her hardness into my tight virgin ass, I was surprised that it didn't hurt a hell of a lot more.
“Yes, babe, I'm fine. Don't stop now.”
Moaning loudly, as she pushed her thick shaft fully in to my ass, I almost came right there and then as the gorgeous, swollen, head of her cock pressed against my prostate.
“Fuck, Kim, that feels so good,” I somehow managed to gasp as I pushed my ass back against her, desperate to take even more of her hardness in to me.
Reaching between my legs I wrapped my fingers around my own hardness and began to masturbate, in time with her thrusts, my urge to come increasing every time Kim buried her cock deep in to me.
I knew Kim wasn't going to last much longer either as her thrusting became faster, harder and the pain in my ass began to increase. Listening to her breathless moans, and stroking my cock faster and faster, I felt my balls tighten and my body begin to tremble.
“I',” I managed to gasp, as I felt my cock start to twitch in my hand. “Come with me, Kim, please.”
Thrusting harder and faster Kim suddenly stopped, her cock buried as deep in my as as possible and I felt her shaft twitch violently.
“Oh fuck yes.”
Hearing her moans of release, and feeling the throbbing of her hardness inside me, I couldn't hold back any longer and loosened the grip I had on my cock as I began to come forcefully, my seed splashing over the fresh sheets of the bed.
Kim seemed like she was going to keep on coming forever but eventually her cock stopped twitching and she pulled out of me, before collapsing on the bed and rolling on to her back.
Looking down at her, small droplets of sweat coating her forehead and the look of pure ecstasy on her face, I smiled and lowered my head, kissing her lightly on the lips.
“I love you so much, babe,” I whispered before laying down next to her, placing my arm across her body and closing my eyes.