Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser: Beautiful things come to those who wait

It's Tuesday Tease Time, that's tease not tea so put down that sandwich and pay attention. Each week myself and a group of talented authors, who I am honored to call friends, each choose one image and then write a short, no more than 200 word, piece of fiction to tantalize and tease you.

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Beautiful things come to those who wait

As I sat on the luxurious sofa, a Jack and coke in my hand, I stared intently at the double doors Kim had disappeared through five minutes earlier. Telling me she would call me when she was ready I knew this was going to be the night we had both waited six months for, the night we would finally expose ourselves totally to each other, the night we would make love for the first time.
“I'm ready now, baby.”
Draining my glass I stood up, walked over to the doors and tapped lightly on the wood.
“Are you sure you're really ready, babe?”
“Just get in here, we've both waited long enough for tonight.”
Gripping the handle I turned it slowly, pushed the door open and stepped inside, to see Kim sitting on the bed. Sitting there in just black cotton panties, her denim shorts discarded by the end of her feet, her firm breasts and erect nipples exposed to me for the first time, Kim was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.
“I kept the panties on though,” Kim purred, “because I really wanted you to be the one to finally release my cock.”


Friday, 25 July 2014

Flash Fiction Friday: Meeting my new master

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Meeting my new master

Pushing the door open I walked in. The room was pitch black and I couldn't see a damn thing.
“Stop there!” His voice bellowed from out before the darkness lifted just enough for me to see him and, as soon as I did, I felt my knees go instantly weak. 
He was sitting casually on the leather sofa, dressed impeccably in suit and tie and even more handsome than I had been led to believe.
Suddenly the door I had entered by slammed and as I turned to see why I felt him right behind me, his ice cold breath on my neck.


Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser: If only it was really you

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If only it was really you

I'd brought the toy the day I saw you advertise it for the first time, I just had to. It was the next best thing to having what I really wanted, what I knew I would never have, you.
Modelled on your own beautiful, thick, cock it was amazing. The swollen head looked as good as it did in your pictures, your balls had been recreated perfectly and even the slit in the end looked as though it could really explode with your seed, something I had dreamed of so many times.
The day it arrived I tore it out of it's packaging, and hurriedly fixed it to the arm of my fucking machine. Stripping I lay back on my bed, grabbed the lube from the bedside table and used it to smother my ass, and your cock, before wrapping my fist around my hard shaft.
Pressing the on button I felt the thick head of the toy push against my hole, began stroking my cock and groaned loudly when the swollen head entered me. Closing my eyes I turned the speed of the machine up, dreamed it was really you fucking my ass and masturbated until I finally exploded over my chest.


Friday, 18 July 2014

Flash Fiction Friday: My last gift to you

My last gift to you

Reaching forward I offered you the box, just before collapsing at your feet. As you tore the box open the last thing I saw was the colour drain from your face, before finally waking to find myself wired to machines and surrounded by nurses.
“He's back with us, doctor,” one of the nurses called out, before looking down at me with a sympathetic smile. “I'm so sorry, we tried everything we could.”
Gingerly I lifted the sheets, and stared down. Seeing the blood stained bandages covering my groin I remembered the look of horror on your face, as you opened my last gift to you.


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