Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser: Training


The machine had been pumping my ass for twenty minutes, the pain I first felt as it entered me replaced by waves of ecstasy coursing through my body. Gripping my hardness I stroked myself in time with each new penetration, lifting my head to make sure she was still there and still holding the controls.
“You have surprised me.”
“Am I'm ready then?”
Suddenly the machine stopped, the fake cock deep in my ass and she walked towards me. Watching her slowly step out of her clothes I finally saw the gorgeous hard cock between her legs, pre-cum leaking from the swollen purple head. Stepping level with my head, still holding the controls, she reached down, gripped my hair and twisted my head to her hardness.
“You will suck me until I tell you to stop.”
Doing as she ordered and tasting her sweet juices, for the first time, the machine started again. This time she turned it up even more, her hardness fucking my mouth stopping me from screaming, and I knew that my training would soon be complete.
Finally I would be able to serve my Mistress wherever, whenever and however she wanted.


Sunday, 31 August 2014

Author Ray Sostre's Birthday Giveaway (August 31st - September 6th)

Author Ray Sostre's Birthday Giveaway (August 31st - September 6th)

I'm feeling very generous this week, and from August 31st thru Sept 6th, all of my self-published books will be for free on All Romance eBooks and Kobo.

This is my generosity to all the readers out there.

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Friday, 29 August 2014

Flash Fiction Friday: The woman in gold

The woman in gold

Opening my eyes I found myself laying flat, on a cold metal table, in front of a mirror. As I went to get up I saw I was completely naked and unable to do more than sit, thanks to a thick strap tied around my waist.
Confused I was about to yell, hoping someone would hear, when the room began filling with smoke. Thinking there was a fire I finally screamed but, suddenly, found myself unable to make a sound as a woman dressed in gold appeared through the mirror, and began sliding her ass up over my thighs, towards my hardness


Thursday, 28 August 2014

Thursday Taster: Julie's first time

Today I am joining another group of wonderful authors from Facebook, called Thursday Tasters, and here is my offering. I hope it's up to the calibre of everybody else's. 

Once you have finished here I and my friends , would be grateful if you took the time to pop over to the following link and read what they have for you this week.

Thank you.

Julie's first time

As I stared deep in to Georgia's eyes, my leg over her beautiful naked body and her hand holding mine, I couldn't believe what was happening. We had known each other for about six years, ever since meeting at college and had never even spoken about having feelings for each other.
Yet here we were, in bed, naked and deeply in love. How it happened neither of us knew but as I leaned forward, and closed my eyes, I placed my lips against hers. The softness of her lips made my body shiver like never before, and I felt like waves of electricity were coursing through my body.
Pulling my head back I was about to tell her what I had just felt but, before I could, Georgia placed a finger against my lips, smiled and lowered her head. Running my fingers through her soft brunette hair I threw my head back, as I felt her tongue flick across my semi hard nipples. Gasping softly I felt more shivers of ecstasy coursing through my body and as Georgia teased each of my nipples in turn I could tell that, even though she was mine, I wasn't her first.
Nervously I lifted my hand up and placed it lightly on one of her breasts, my thumb brushing over her small, yet beautiful, nipple. Feeling it stiffen under my touch I gently began to massage her breasts gently as she continued to suck, lick and flick her tongue over mine. I had never felt as passionate as I did at that very second but when I suddenly felt Georgia's hand running down, over my stomach, the waves of ecstasy I had felt so far were nothing compared to what was happening now.
My whole body began to tremble with excitement, I could hardly catch my breath and the feeling between my legs was like nothing I had ever felt before. My pussy started to tingle, I could feel myself becoming wetter and then, when I felt Georgia's fingers running along my slightly parted lips, my body gave up and my first orgasm tore through my body.
Georgia lifted her head, her fingers still working there magic on my body, and eased herself up the bed so her face was just inches away from mine.
You will never know how long I have waited for this.”
I can't believe it's happening,” I somehow managed to gasped back, as Georgia plunged two fingers deep in to my body.
Oh it's happening, Julie, believe me,” Georgia whispered, her fingers slowly fucking my soaking pussy, “and tonight is just the beginning.”


Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser: A feeling like no other

As it's Tuesday once again some of my friends and I have new teases for you and I would be grateful if, after reading mine, you would visit the following link, read and commented on theirs as well.

Thank you

A feeling like no other

As soon as I felt your hands grip my ass, your sharp nails digging in to my soft flesh and the thick rounded head of your newest purchase I gasped. This one felt a lot thicker than any of your others and, even though both my ass and the toy were smothered in the sticky lube, I winced as you began to push the hard tip against my tightness.
As I felt my ass open a little more, thanks to each small thrust of your hips, the feeling of being torn in half slowly gave way to a feeling like no other, a feeling it had taken me so many years to find.
As you gripped my ass even tighter, pulling my cheeks open as you did, I moaned loudly. Pushing back against your toy I gripped the sheets and buried my face in to the pillows, to stop myself from screaming out, as the hard shaft of your fake cock went as far in to my ass as it could.
Feeling the swollen head press against my prostate I reached between my legs, gripped my hard cock and began to masturbate slowly, until I couldn't hold back any longer.